Our Story

Quality of the product should be used to define luxury.

The luxury market is in transition because of how technology has changed how we purchase and how well-informed consumers are now. Formerly able to rely solely on mystique and high-quality materials, luxury firms are now compelled to create hype and artificial scarcity to support their high markups and maintain profitability.

There was a time when luxury wasn't about marketing and status, but that time has passed. Luxury used to be associated with top-notch components, lovely designs, and skilled workmanship. However, as the industry developed, the bottom line and the marketing apparatus took precedence over quality.

Raico was created to challenge this notion and return to a more egalitarian past: a world in which an aspirational lifestyle and beautiful products that people would consider luxuries are made available to all. We believe that the quality of the product should define luxury , not the logo or the price tag.

Directly from the source

Shopping at Raico means supporting a network of independent manufacturers [ which means our products are made using the same high quality materials and craftmaship like the high end brands. ]